Tournament Tour (Tour) players play alongside casual weekenders but are required to hole out every hole and abide by rules of golf. Tour players pay an additional $30 for the season and compete for a separate set of prizes. They may also compete in the weekend event prizes. ​Registration for Tour will begin again in March.  When registration opens, go to the Calendar under Events and select the link for Competitive Events or click here.

Note: You must have an established handicap to register for Tour.

Tour Q & A

Q. Why should I consider registering for Tour?
A. The Tour is a great opportunity to learn all the rules and nuances of the game while playing in a fun competitive format on the course with other women.

Q. How does the Tour work?
A. The Tour runs in conjunction with our organized golf events. We register and state that we are playing as competitive players on the registration form. We are paired with all the other players (tour and casual) in our events - the difference is that we play by USGA rules. We are planning to have the Tour of players flighted by handicap, and play with Casual players in our events (subject to change). We have an overall Tour Commander and she is responsible for maintaining the official overall scoring, tracking the handicaps and awarding prizes.

Q. But I’m nervous about “competition” and I have a high handicap, anyway.
A. Remember, golf has handicaps for a reason! If you have a high handicap and play against a low handicap, you are still “even”. Last year, our Tour players had handicaps that ranged from 13 to 40! Come join us!

Q. The rules? I don’t know them very well!
A. The Tour is a great place to learn! You will find that your fellow players are more interested in helping you learn and enjoy the game than disqualify you on a violation. Honest!

Q. What if I am playing on the Tour and I am having a horrible round and I want to just run away and quit?
A. You can disqualify yourself from official scoring on that event, keep playing and pick up your ball or drink a beer and sit out a hole if you wish. Just keep playing and enjoy the day. But remember, do you see Lorena Ochoa or Christina Kim quit when they have a bad day?

For Handicap Information, please see our Handicap Web Page.
Another good site to learn about handicaps is USGA Handicapping Website and the USGA Handicapping FAQ Web page.